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Colour, shape, technology. Rifco World Group srl has been revolutionizing in the years the world of personalized advertising communication, giving life to the simpler and most lively aspect: the air.

Balloons World Store

It's well-known, that the balloon and party industry is not only profitable but is also a fun industry to work in.

This web-site is dedicated to balloon and party professionals as well as to the beginners who would like to start a part-time or full-time balloon service with a minimum investment and earn big profits on week-ends and during holidays.

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Rifco Advertising

“Maximum originality, maximum synthesis, maximum dynamism, maximum simultaneity, and maximum world-wide capacity. That’s what advertising is.”

Just few words to summarize the goals of RIFCO ADVERTISING: satisfy every advertising need, all over the world, in the most funny and happy ways.

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Rifco Machines

Rifco World Group has been projecting and manufacturing printing machines since 1979 and has gained a world-wide recognition as the leading balloon printing supplier thanks to its innovative ideas combined with the latest technology.

With our printing machines you can print on all kind of balloons without limits of shape or dimention or material...

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Colour, shape, technology. Rifco World Group has been revolutionizing in the years the world of personalized advertising communication, giving life to the simpler and most lively aspect: the air. Thanks to continuous researches and to the development of innovative technologies, Rifco World Group has become a point of reference in the field of balloons’ printing, at first planning and creating an automatic offset balloon printing machine which prints the whole circumference of the balloon and then developing new printing method, new support and vanguard services. The field of printing has been more times revolutionized by Rifco World Group inventions: from the photo colour print to the shaded print, from the planning of new balloon’s shape up to the creation of a square balloon, up to the evolution of decoration and the balloon’s transformation from a simple advertising support up to an active means of animation. Nowadays Rifco World Group has been worldwide recognized for its exclusive new products.

  1. 1979

    Rifco has begun its activity having a great success in the planning and the manufacturing of an offset printing machine capable of printing on the whole circumference of the balloon. Thanks to this printer, Rifco has become world-wide known in the field of balloons.

  2. 1986

    Rifco developed a method to print photos in full colour on balloons, that revolutionised the printing sector with its excellent quality and good looks. It gained a great recognition in the field of balloons at International niveau.

  3. 1994

    Rifco offers a printing service and delivers balloon all over the world: our company can print from 1 up to 8 colours on 4 sides of balloons and 2 colours all around. The daily printing production is 1.000.000 pieces. In 1998 Rifco presents a new kind of printing for balloons: shaded print all over; economic and highly effective.

  4. 2003

    Evolution of advertising balloons! Rifco has studied how to make the balloon more and more dynamic and invented a motor, called Twist Its applications are endlessly and it can turn more balloons together at the same time, creating original decorations. The balloon becomes a luminous sphere Laser ball, in which you can project advertising with special effects up to 7 colours. Software for Windows included.

  5. 2006

    Il modello di macchina RA-01G, la macchina serigrafica automatica, stampa: 2 colori su 2 lati simultaneamente e 1 colore sul globo. La macchina è innovativa e versatile e soddisfa le maggiori richieste del mercato dei palloncini..

  6. 2007

    During last years “Rifco” has added a wide range of special decorative balloons and accessories.

    • Latex balloons “Omniloon” and “Squareloon”
    • Latex and foil balloons “RFL”.

  7. 2008

    R-145 stick and cup in one piece. The stick and cup only in 1 piece lets you inflate the balloon directly in the stick and to fix the balloon’s neck very easy and very fast.

  8. 2009

    RIFCO bases BALLOONS WORLD STORE offering ready-made kits for decoration with balloons RIFCO signed

    • Do-it-yourself balloon decorative kits
    • Colour-matched balloon decorative kit “Celebration line” Rifco’s style
    • Professional measuring and inflating balloon kits
    • Latex balloons “Deco-Funny Arches, Links and Waves"

  9. 2011

    Balloons World Store continues to add new balloons in new decorative shapes.

    • Line of RFL balloons “Vintage Collection”
    • Foil shaped balloons: frames, pyramid, cube, giant mirror balloon, and new holographic balloons
    • Decorative frames in foil
    • Shell shape in foil with many standard prints

  10. 2015

    It introduces a possibility of CMYK printing on latex balloons in high quality.

    • CMYK print
    • Messages on balloons in many languages

  11. 2016

    RIFCO presents the automatic feeder of last generation, fast and adaptable. Usable with all kind of latex balloons from 7” to 14”. Moreover it is possible combine it with all automatic machines Rifco models!

The Passion

The enthusiasm for the play and the design gives passion to the owners of the company. A great interest passed from the father Filiberto on to the daughters, also clever and active on the new products’ research. The perfection of the spherical shape reflects the efficiency and the quality offered by Rifco World Group. These features make Rifco World Group the ideal partner for the companies that wish communicate emotion, gaiety, energy.


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